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We’re developing a plan that will shape the transformation of Crewe over the coming years. 

To help us do this, we’ve been speaking to communities and leaders across the town to find out what they want to see and what can make the biggest difference to them.

We’ve already received a fantastic response and we’ll continue to keep the conversations going – but now’s the chance for you to have your say.

You can share your views by filling in one of our online surveys or sending us your comments.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received through our conversations so far:

I want Crewe to be a community town where you want to bring up a family. Somewhere people want to come and live. There needs to be facilities. It’s a lovely spot you know, it’s a perfect location. You’ve got the countryside, the train and the M6 on your doorstep.”

“More shops would make me go back into the town centre. It’s not just the shops though, it’s being part of the community. Going shopping, it’s where you meet people, you see friends, you bump into people.”

“If you looked at the participation rates in Crewe, they are astronomical – there’s probably 10 dance schools, 20 choirs, Amateur Dramatics, visual arts, then the college has strong performing arts courses.  I think Crewe has got an award for most pantomime tickets sold per head in the UK?  We couldn’t ask for more from a small town – it’s brilliant. You say the word culture, people don’t see the connection with what they are doing.  If you talk about music, dance, hip hop, panto, they see the relevance to them.”

“My idea of a perfect day out would be meeting friends for a coffee or going for a walk with the dog.  There are some lovely walks around Crewe, it’s like a different place.  But you wouldn’t find those walks if you didn’t know the area well.” 

In this section

These clips are of Crewe locals, talking about what makes them proud in the town and what they would like to see in the future. These research films were produced by local filmmakers Squeaky Pedal, on behalf of Crewe Cultural Forum.

We want to hear from you.