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In progress

There is a growing list of projects for Crewe, all contributing to the town’s regeneration and and all at different stages. We would like to tell you about the projects which have received funding and are under way.

Royal Arcade

In 2015 the Council invested £6m in the purchase of the Royal Arcade site (retail units and bus station) with a view to a major redevelopment.

Royal Arcade

Lyceum Square – Ly²

Crewe Town Board was successful in bidding for £750,000 early funding from the Towns Fund, for a project to be completed in 2022. The project will bring new life, creativity and vitality to an under- used space.

Outside the Lyceum Theatre
North West Crewe Package

Next year, work will begin on the North West Crewe Package to improve the local road network around Leighton Hospital. Plans for dualling the A500 up to Junction 16 are also underway.

Leighton Green Artist Impression