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Current survey

Please let us know your views on Crewe. To give you a start, we have four main headings: 

Town Centre Regeneration We are all looking forward to a time when we can travel out of our homes without concerns about peoples’ health.  When that time comes, we will be able to give more support to the businesses that have worked so hard to survive in recent months .

Revitalising the town centre is really important for Crewe and is central to our government bid for Towns Fund money. Retail still has to be a big part of Crewe, with help from both local businesses and national names but we will need other ingredients to make sure our recipe for Crewe town centre is the right one for building back better. 

People in Crewe have been telling us what they would like to see. Do you agree?

Culture & Heritage Every place has its own definition of culture and heritage, and Crewe is no exception. Our strong history of mechanical and railway engineering should be seen and heard just as loudly today, as it was when Crewe was first established.  That’s what we hope to showcase as we improve and regenerate our town. Around our proud heritage, Crewe has built a love of culture in all its forms. People are taking part in sport, dance, music and creative activities in huge numbers within our town. What are your fondest memories of Crewe?  What community gatherings should we be organising? Tell us the stories we should be celebrating in our town.

Connecting Places Where is the heart of Crewe? No matter which part of town you prefer, what we know is that different areas of Crewe could be connected better to others. We want to make it easier for people to enjoy everything that Crewe has to offer, and to make it more pleasant to travel from one part of town to another. Soon we will be able to share with you how we hope to do this, if we are successful with our Towns Fund bid. But if you have an idea you think we should be considering in future, let us know.

Community Spaces We all know that doing things we enjoy in our spare time make us feel happy and can boost our mental as well as our physical health no end. Coming together to share our passion is a big part of what glues our community together. 

Community groups have been telling us what they are able to make happen, even with a global pandemic to contend with. Imagine what we could do with more spaces to share around. Does your group need a place to meet? Can we help to connect you with other groups who can share their resources?  If you are part of a growing group who need space or a bit of support, please get in touch.

Previous Surveys

December 2020: We shared a survey with communities across Crewe to gather views on the town centre. We received more than 1,700 responses . Thanks to everyone who made the time to share their views..

A summary of the findings can be found here

Autumn 2019: Crewe Town Council worked with Cheshire East Council, South Cheshire Chamber and Hemingway Design to develop a set of shared values and a brand for Crewe. A survey received more than 1,300 responses. We also held workshops and stakeholder groups. We used these collective views to develop a set of values which the Town Board shares. We’ve adopted the visual style on this website and you will see it used in many more projects.

Find out what our survey told us (1.5mb PDF)

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