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Who are we?

We are a team of representatives from the community, public, private and voluntary sectors. Together we form a Town Board for Crewe. We are currently developing a Town Investment Plan to bid for up to £25m in Government funding for Crewe, as part of the Government’s Towns Fund Initiative.

Crewe is one of 101 towns selected to put forward a bid for funding from the government’s Towns Fund, which will be available to spend up to 2026.

If successful, Crewe will be able to deliver a variety of capital projects to boost the town’s long-term economic growth and development. Priorities will include regeneration, planning and land-use; arts, culture and heritage; local transport; digital connectivity and skills and enterprise infrastructure.  

The board is also helping to oversee the delivery of other projects already in the pipeline, including the town centre’s regeneration and HS2 hub station, to ensure all are aligned to the same vision.

In addition, it has been awarded £750,000 accelerated funding from the Towns Fund for an improvement scheme developed by the Crewe Cultural Forum for the Lyceum Square.