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Note from the Chairman

Thank you for taking an interest in the future of Crewe

I volunteered to Chair the Crewe Town Board because we need to put Crewe back on the map. We need to transform Crewe and we need to do it now, together. We need to develop Crewe for Crewe and by Crewe. Transformation and regeneration are only truly successful when it is community-led and involves all the different elements that ultimately come together to form a thriving town. 

We need to ensure that we create an environment where everyone feels they have a voice. As a group we must achieve consensus and make timely and robust decisions backed up by accountability and action. The people who have the privilege to sit on the Crewe Town Board have a profound responsibility to the Town to ensure that we are successful in our endeavour to drive Crewe forward to greater economic, cultural and social wellbeing. We’d also love to hear from you. Please contact us with your thoughts.

The Town Board must drive the change that fundamentally has a positive impact on the community, creating a future that we can all aspire to. See our vision for Crewe here. We are all Crewe.

Doug Kinsman, Chair of Crewe Town Board